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Developed In-house:

bulk_extractor [1]

  • A forensic analysis tool for extracting personally identifiable information and other useful information from digital media.

hashdb (hash database) [2]

  • A lightweight database for storing and rapidly searching billions of hashes.

dirim (Directory Imager) [3]

  • A suite of metadata analysis tools.


  • A tools for natural language translation of file paths.

sdhash (Similarity Digest Hash) [4]

  • A tool for identifying binary similarity between arbitrary files, developed by Vassil Roussev at the University of New Orleans

sdtext (Similarity Digest Text) [5]

  • A tool for identifying similarity between text documents, developed by Clay Shields at Georgetown University

sceadan (Systematic Classification Engine for Advanced Data Analysis) [6]

  • A tool for performing file type classification, developed by Nicole Beebe at the University of Texas San Antonio

Transitioned to other agencies:


Autopsy Modules:

  • hashdb blacklist scanner