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This page tracks some of the tasks that Simson has to do for the various DOMEX projects. If you want to do one of these just drop Simson and email message.

Tool Creating

Sanitize Tool

  • Sanitize program to sanitize media that's been imaged.
    • Sanitizing program images the media, calculates SHA-1, and sees if that SHA-1 is in the database
    • Can we build this into the wipe program? It has to watch for insertions; modification to watcher ..


  • Fast ingest - ingest those which file names are not in the database.

Corpus Maintenance

  • Have nightly scripts that copy all data from NPS to Harvard (are we doing this?)
  • Nightly script to make sure that all data at NPS is encrypted.
  • Automatically run fiwalk on drives when the tool changes.
  • Set up a rsync server on a non-standard port for download the corpus.


  • Automatically walk inside archives


  • Use FUSE and libtsk3 to mount disk images