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Our resources at the National Capital Region, hosted by Virginia Tech are high-capacity servers hosted without the need to run the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client, since they are located off-campus. If you require access to them, please request a username from Michael McCarrin.

Research Servers (r-machines)


We control 4 very well-resourced machines colloquially referred to as "the R-Machines". Each server is running either RHEL 7 or CentOS 7 and they provide access to all of the commands and programs that we currently use for our experiments. Each server has a shared /home and /work directory and access to the Real Data Corpus.


After we have created the user accounts, you will have access to all of the servers using SSH and SFTP at the following hostnames:

Since the servers have a shared home directory, you are welcome to log into any of the servers and use the short names, r2 through r4, to access that server passwordless-ly.


As with all of our resources, storage is our most precious and limited resource. Please monitor your usage with the "df -h" command as you use the storage on any of the file systems at NCR.


Each user has a /home directory on a storage system shared with /work. These filesystems are not independent of one another.



DEEP Lab maintains this wiki for the students to access both public and private documentation of the systems and programs used in the DEEP Lab. Please contact Michael McCarrin for an account to access the Private namespace if you have the need.



The Subversion Revision Control system is available to all students of the DEEP Lab in order to upload documentation, reports, theses and code. Please contact Michael McCarrin for an account.


SVN users will need to use an SVN client to access the svn server. Most Linux systems provide a version of subversion in the standard repositories accessible through the package management programs of their distributions. Mac users have a number of choices in the Marketplace and Windows users often choose TortoiseSVN although others are available. The address for any of these clients is:


The /work directory is provided for users to store files that they are currently doing work on. Please use this space cautiously.


The Real Data Corpus is accessible from the /corp directory. This directory is the source location for the files hosted on and is syncronized weekly. You will need access to the corpus and irb groups to access this folder.